This wine has a pale yellow colour with a hint of green and aromas of apple, pear, and white-skinned peach. As it is getting older, its notes of muscat character become more intense. This medium-bodied wine is aromatic and absolutely balanced, with a long aftertaste

  • Vintage:2016
  • Classification:PGI Achaia
  • Area of Production:Greece- Peloponnese-Achaia
  • Grape Variety:Malagouzia
  • Wine Type:White
  • Style:Dry
  • Vineyard:The vineyards are located in the Aghios Athanasios region of Achaia in the Peloponnese at an altitude of 150m. The soil is a mixture of sand and clay and the grape yields are about 8000-9000kg per hectare.
  • Harvest:Late August
  • Vinification:Steel tank
  • Storage Time:2 Years
  • Storage Conditions:Temperature: 12-13°C, Humidity: 65%
  • Suggested Pairing:With grilled fish, not very fatty, chicken or turkey served with white sauces, as well as fruits, etc.
  • Serving Temperature:12°C
  • Alcohol:ca. 13 % vol.

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